Facets: Meet Ulyana. She used to row on the Dnepr River in the former Soviet Union.

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Meet Ulyana. She used to row on the Dnepr River in the former Soviet Union.  

Ulyana was born in the former Soviet Union just outside the city of Kiev. She grew up there with her older brother. They had 2 brightly colored Parakeets that chitter-chattered constantly. Both of her parents were engineers. Ulyana's first job was as an electrical engineer for a local utility company.

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When she was younger, Ulyana's favorite thing to do was to row, which was not a school-sponsored activity. She would row on the Dnepr River whenever she could. The Dnepr - so you get an idea of how big it is - begins near Smolensk, Russia and flows through Russia, Belarus and Ukraine before emptying into the Black Sea. It’s the biggest river in Ukraine. She spent a lot of time on that river.

Ulyana moved to the United States in 2005 when her husband was offered a job at Fluent in Lebanon. At first they rented an apartment in Lebanon. Eventually they bought a house. Ulyana still travels back to where she grew up, which is now Ukraine, every 2 years or so. She no longer has any family there, but she and her brother own a piece of property there that she needs to periodically see to.

Ulyana lives in Lebanon with her husband and 2 children. Her favorite thing to do now is to sew. This is particularly serendipitous because she started her own business as a seamstress 3 years ago. When she's not sewing for customers, she sews things for her daughter. She may yet get out to row on the Connecticut River. Ulyana is 43.

What she most misses about Ukraine: the food

Favorite Ukrainian dish: Kiev kotlets (a kind of chicken meatloaf with butter inside) 

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