Facets: Meet Deborah. She turned 18 when she was in the middle of Marine boot camp training on Parris Island in South Carolina.

Meet Deborah. She turned 18 when she was in the middle of Marine Corps boot camp training on Parris Island in South Carolina.  

Deborah was born in Salem, Massachusetts but grew up in Upstate New York. She had an older brother, a younger sister, and the family had a cat and a dog. When she was younger, Deborah loved nothing more than riding her bike after school. In school, she most enjoyed science and english classes.

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When Deborah graduated from high school, she joined the United States Marine Corps and headed down to Parris Island in South Carolina to endure 12 weeks of infamous boot camp training. She turned 18 when she was there. Yes, bootcamp was unspeakably hard. But Deborah busted her hump and made it through. She scored well in electronics when she took the mandatory Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test, and she became an aviation technician. She was stationed in Millington, Tennessee. She served 3 years and says that Tennessee can keep its bugs and warm weather. 

When she left the Marines in 1996, Deborah became a Licensed Nursing Assistant. She got a job working in a nursing home and moved to Hamilton, Massachusetts to live with her grandmother. Deborah really enjoyed helping her elderly patients.

Later, Deborah married and she and her husband moved to Springfield, NH when her husband got a job at Dartmouth. They were able to buy a small house there, and Deborah stayed home raising their two children until she decided to become a massage therapist. So she went back to school at River Valley Community College and is now on the verge of getting her Massage Therapist Certificate.

Deborah lives in Springfield with her husband, 2 children. Her favorite things to do are to read and spend time with her family and dog. Deborah is 43.

Favorite time of day: evening, when everyone's home

Good book she's just finished:  Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life and Maybe the World, by Admiral William H. McRaven (U.S. Navy retired)

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