Facets: Meet Mark. He loves to fly his plane to Katama and cross the grass runway to get to the beach.

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Meet Mark. He loves to fly to Katama and cross the grass runway to get to the beach.

Mark was born in Evanston, Illinois. He grew up in South Bend, Indiana. His parents were both radiologists and he had one brother. They had 2 Siamese cats. Mark loved to play hockey in high school. He was voted captain of the team as a senior. His first job was as a parking lot attendant.

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Mark studied mechanical engineering in college. He worked as a test and development engineer for Chrysler in Detroit and then for Bendix Corporation back in South Bend. He went back to school to get a business degree and from there went to Price Waterhouse. In 1995, Mark answered an ad in the Wall Street Journal for a job at a company located in Lebanon. The next year, Mark moved to Hanover and went to work for Hypertherm. He stayed there until he retired in 2008.

Mark had not laced up hockey skates for 30 years when he retired. He decided it was time. You should see him on the ice now. You will want to move out of the way quickly when he takes a slap shot. In addition to playing hockey, Mark loves to mountain bike and practice his photography. He has a pilot's license and a 1975 Cessna Skyhawk. One of his favorite things to do is to fly to the Katama airstrip on Martha's Vineyard and walk across the grass runway to get to the beach. 

Mark lives in Enfield with his wife. Mark is 62.

Favorite thing to do on Saturday night: go out to hear live music

Change he'd like to see in the Upper Valley: more restaurants

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