Detoured by the bridge construction…should have paid attention!

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I must have taken a wrong turn leaving Pomfret. Maybe I was confused because of the bridge construction in downtown Woodstock? Maybe I am still waking up from my long winter nap?

 Where are my snow boots?

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Sandals on my feet and sand between my toes.

No, I must be far from home

 How many degrees out? 82 degrees? I had forgotten that Fahrenheit temperatures can climb that high in April. So the temp at home must be in Celsius right? What? No? 37 degrees at home IS in Fahrenheit.

 No, I must be far from home…

 No Skida hat? I love my Skida hat! (  I wonder if they make swim caps? How cute would those be? Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean before mid August?

 No, I must be far from home…

 I can see the ocean bottom? What no seaweed wrapping around my legs? No bruised feet trying to navigate my way over a rocky shore and into the northern cold dark Atlantic Ocean? I can SEE the ocean floor? The water is turquoise?

 No, I must be far from home….

 Running in shorts in April? Well, ok that is not so unusual since a runner in New England will throw shorts on as soon as the temp hits around 40 degrees and some even sooner!

 Yes, I must be on vacation…

 We celebrated our wedding anniversary on a beautiful island called Providenciales in Turks and Caicos. Our daughter, son-in-law, son and his girlfriend joined us for the week. I love having uninterrupted time with our family as our lives are so busy.  On a daily basis, we tend to share the important sound bites and rely on quick conversations to keep up on our family news. I relished having extended conversations yet also loved sitting quietly side by side reading our prospective books. Thank you Yankee Bookshop for keeping me well supplied in my favorite Vermont authors!

We shared old family memories while making new and surrounded ourselves with laughter. Yes, lots of laughter.

 The week away was wonderful and inspiring but I prefer to stay close to home. Travel is exciting but it is also hard and requires a lot of patience. I happen to love my snow boots and my hiking boots and my trail shoes!  I like that New England weather changes in a minute. I look forward to hiking to the Pogue, eating ice cream on the river, the upcoming performances of Hair and singer / songwriter Jesse Colin Young both presented by Pentangle Arts (, and Bookstock 2018 ( to name a few of my favorite things! I wouldn’t say I was necessarily homesick knowing how quickly a week goes by but it is hard not to miss all that I love about my Vermont life.

 Most importantly, we need to check our critter cam to catch up on our woodland friends that inhabit our woods.  One never knows who may have woken up!

 There truly is no place like home and my studio! 


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