HAIR: Step Back in History!

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HAIR: Review

I just got home from seeing the Pentangle Art's production of HAIR.  The excellent singing and music, engaging acting, and powerful energy of the production was all that I hoped it would be. Whispered rumors of nude scenes turned out pretty tame and lightly comical. The second half of the show provided a bit more depth and meaning as the mood turned to the minor key. The ending brought my mind full circle to the current senseless killings taking place in the war-infected world today. 

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I missed seeing the bell-bottomed pants, peace signs, headbands with flowers, bandanas, and Nehru jackets. You'll have to wear your own!

There are only two more chances to see HAIR: Saturday at 7:30 or Sunday at 4:00. "Let the Sunshine!" Don't miss it!

Pentangle Arts

April 28, 29

7:30 Saturday evening:  Sunday at 4:00. 

Tickets are $25 - 40. 


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