Social Tango Dance Workshop
Ended May 02
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Social Tango Dance Workshop at SafeArt in Chelsea, VT

Open to all ages and skill levels - no previous dance experience is necessary! 

Social Tango is a dance of improvising together. It’s intuitive collaboration and an encouraging way to learn about oneself and the other. Based on more combinations of walk, turn and hold than you ever thought possible, Tango is immediately do-able, and then limitless in possibilities. There are lead and follow roles, complete with a paradox: when the follower understands the movement, they become the leader by the simple act of moving, while the leader follows in order to offer the connection.

We change roles and partners throughout the class, and we practice some things individually before partnering. Gentle stability makes the best lead, and flexible connection make the best follow. Although the other way works, too! Come and see!

Workshop instructed by Eva Zimet and held in SafeArt's Movement Studio 
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292 Rt 110 Chelsea, VT 05038 in the Mascoma Bank Building, upstairs.

Wednesday May 2nd 6-8 PM    $12 per person. 
Contact SafeArt to register, email: or phone: 802-685-3138


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