Facets: Meet Carole. Noise pollution has driven her out of two cities.

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Carole, Vital Communities do-it-all and yoga instructor.

Meet Carole. Noise pollution has driven her out of two cities. 

Carole was born in Buffalo, New York. She grew up there with her sister and brother and - later - her stepsister and 2 stepbrothers. Her family was very musical. She and her sister took voice lessons and her brother played in a rock'n'roll band. She loved studying art in high school, especially pen and ink. Her first job was working at one of her mother's 3 fashion stores in Buffalo. The plan had been for Carole to take over the business when she grew up, but the economy in Buffalo tanked. After they were robbed 7 times in one year, Carole's mother decided to close the stores. On the last day the downtown store was open, the great Blizzard of Buffalo struck. It was 1977. The storm dropped more than 8 feet of snow, and the wind blew the snow into crazy-deep drifts. Carole remembers only being able to see the very tops of the streetlights.

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Carole worked in an art gallery, in the fashion industry and in a law firm. She moved to New York City and then to Seattle. There was too much noise in both places, and she couldn't bear it. So she applied for a job in Rochester, Vermont at a business that helped magazines boost their ad sales and moved there when she got it. In 1991, Carole moved to White River Junction. She worked for Logic Associates, for Dartmouth College and for Global Health, where she helped administer a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation award. She was thrilled when Jimmy Carter's foundation won an award. She has taught yoga since the early 1990's.

Carole lives with her husband in Thetford Center. She works at Vital Communities where she keeps the books, manages the office and takes care of human resources matters. In her free time she likes to cross-country ski, hike, garden, knit and practice yoga. She tries to be very present in everything that she does. She is. Carole is 64.

Favorite pair of shoes: hiking boots

A change in the Upper Valley she doesn't like: the weather, it's just different than it used to be

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