The Puzo Papers. With Typewriter.

Mario Puzo’s typewriter, on which it is believed he wrote The Godfather, is at Dartmouth’s Baker-Berry Library. It’s part of a display about Puzo’s papers, recently given to the college. Puzo has had a connection with Dartmouth, even if just a fictional one. In Puzo’s work, Michael Corleone, youngest son in the Corleone crime family (portrayed by Al Pacino in The Godfather films), attended Dartmouth College. There has been speculation that Puzo himself, while not a Dartmouth alum, had connections to the Upper Valley in his youth. 

The display, in the central corridor of Berry, runs until June 30, 2018. You’ll learn things, such as the fact that Puzo was disappointed that he would forever be known as the author of The Godfather. He did not consider it his best work. 

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