Fu' Chunk's CD: Stay Tuned for the Revolution

Fu' Chunk: Stay Tuned for The Revolution

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New Album: Stay Tuned for the Revolution

Fu’ Chunk, a funk band formerly known as Toast, has produced their first Extended Play, 5-cut album. (CD). But what is funk? Funk, surfaced throughout the 60s, and blends soul, jazz and rhythm and blues into a highly rhythmic danceable form. So, no matter the words – you can cut loose and dance like wild.

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Stay Tuned for The Revolution stays true to the core of funk – they create the sounds that make you want to move. Whether you hear them live or on their CD, they make you want to dance to their musically excellent tunes. Barbara Smith just screams on the sax while the others support with powerful vocals, base, and rhythms that shout out to our bodies calling them to move. Fu’ Chunk’s sound is so large it’s hard to contain in some of the smaller local venues they play.  This is the type of band you want to hear in a large space with a huge dance floor.

The EP does not specify the author of the lyrics in each piece, but I am going to assume that Jim Yeager is the poet/songwriter. The lyrics throughout the album point to a new way to live thus the title Stay Tuned to The Revolution”. There is a definite philosophical bend to the lyrics and if you know Jim Yeager, you’ll not be surprised.

“Natural High”, the first cut on the EP, gives acknowledgement to the natural high we get from Mother Nature. Originating in Vermont, this band is well aware of the beauty and intoxication we Vermonters get without the addition of other substances. (This is not to say…)

Unlike so many modern messages “Better Man” gives encouragement to practice humility, eat humble pie, care about family, work hard, and follow ones heart to be a “Better Man”. It’s quite an inspirational number.

“Blind Leads the Blind” is smoother than the other numbers, yet seems to be a call to our current troubled society. This piece asks us to open our eyes and lead our children to a better place.

My current favorite cut from the EP is “Take the Shot”. Sometimes we get stuck and fear moving in a new direction to follow our heart. This number pushes the listener to ignore the static from other directions and follow our dreams because they are all we’ve got.

“Human Function” is the last cut on the EP. Okay, so I was a bit shocked by this number. I heard it live previously, but the sensuality of the words are in-your -face straight forward. Europeans often criticize Americans about their prudish attitudes toward sexuality; I don’t think they would say that about this Fu’ Chunk’s number. It may be worth the price of the CD for this one number! 

You can purchase this EP on CD Baby or through iTunes or you can buy a hard copy from one of the band members for $5. Unbelievable price for some great dance music mixed with some uplifting (and sometimes risqué) thoughts.

Fu' Chunk's Website

Fu’ Chunk

Jim Yeager, Lead Vocals, Guitar

Barbara Smith, Saxophone, Flute

Scott Paulson, Bass, Backing Vocals

John Foster, Drums, Percussion


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