Worth Knowing: Spotlight on WISE

There are lots of nonprofits in the Upper Valley doing lots of things. We think it's worth knowing what the missions of these organizations are, who runs them and who is volunteering their time to help run them.

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Mission: WISE (Women's Informational Services) leads the Upper Valley to end gender-based violence through survivor-centered advocacy, prevention, mobilization and education through social change.

Its Vision: A world of freedom, justice, equality and dignity where all thrive.

Executive Director: Peggy O'Neal

Board of Directors:

  • Jenny Williams, President
  • Sharin Luti, Vice President
  • Patricia Spellman, Treasurer
  • Emily Dentzer, Secretary
  • Brian Edwards
  • Gail Gentes
  • Pat Glowa
  • Martha Goodrich
  • Kate Griffiths Harrison
  • Valerie Nevel
  • Margaret Rightmire
  • Gretchen Rittenhouse
  • Mike Shipulski

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