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There are lots of nonprofits in the Upper Valley doing lots of things. We think it's worth knowing what the missions of these organizations are, who runs them and who is volunteering their time to help run them.

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About UHVS: For over 50 years, the Upper Valley Humane Society (UVHS) has been compassionately connecting people and pets. The UVHS strives to achieve excellence in animal welfare through a progressive approach to humane sheltering, humane education, community engagement and support services. UVHS is proud to be at the forefront of a growing movement in animal welfare by serving our communities through care and resources for companion animals and families. The UVHS:

  • Accepts homeless, abused and unwanted cats, dogs, kittens, puppies, bunnies and small animals (even an occasional iguana!) regardless of medical or behavioral condition.
  • Contracts with and provides stray services to 26 municipalities but also accept animals from outside of those areas.
  • Provides shelter, medical care and behavioral support for every animal for however long it takes to find their forever home.
  • Provides mental stimulation, socialization, exercise, improved nutrition, and a reduced stress environment for all animals in its care.
  • Helps to ensure success with new adoptive families by behaviorally evaluate every animal to determine the best home setting and tailor their shelter experience with an individualized behavior and training program designed to build specific skills and overcome particular challenges.
  • Offers monthly low cost spay/neuter clinics for the community.
  • Fights cruelty in New Hampshire and Vermont through education and by providing resources.
  • Engages the community through events, tours and in-school presentations.
  • Offers obedience training, agility and more through partnerships with local dog trainers.
  • Offers free emergency boarding for victims of domestic violence, hospitalization or other crisis situations.
  • Provides resources, including a free food shelf, to support people in caring for their pets.
  • Shares pet food and other resources with partner organizations like the Haven, Meals on Wheels and WISE.
  • Partners with police, fire and emergency services to help people and pets during large-scale and personal disaster situations.

Executive Director: Nikki Grimes Ranieri 

Board Members:

  • Chair, Jennifer Riccio, Hanover    
  • Vice Chair, Sylvia Racca, Orange
  • Treasurer, Doug Whittlesey, West Lebanon
  • Secretary, Susan Blum, Hanover
  • Mark Bradley, Lebanon
  • Ellen Eisenberg, MD, South Royalton 
  • Kay Hillinger, MD, Etna
  • Daniel Isaac, Post Mills
  • Valerie J. Nevel, Esq., Lebanon
  • Melissa Robinson, Lebanon
  • Jeff Roosevelt, Sunapee  

Rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea - seriously!

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