Facets: Meet Josh. He cures prosciutto in his root cellar.

Josh, Director of D Acres of New Hampshire

Meet Josh. He cures prosciutto in his root cellar.  

Josh was born in Philadelphia. He wouldn't tell me much about the things he did before he moved to the Upper Valley, but I figured out that he went to college in Colorado and studied environmental conservation. And he worked for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and in Costa Rica's Tapantí National Park. And he spent some time with the Bread and Puppet Theatre and traveled across Central and South America in a mobile ecovillage. And he did quite a bit of traveling in Europe, Africa and Central and South America. He did tell me that two of his favorite countries to visit were Spain and Argentina.

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Josh says he had a delayed adolescence. When that was done, he moved to Dorchester and started building a community-scale permaculture farm. It was 1997. He enlisted friends and family he'd encountered who shared his vision of creating a sustainable farm that was also a community center.  Together they built the farm, D Acres. Now, at any given time, there are as many as 30 people living on the farm. Some stay for 6 weeks, some stay for 6 months, some don't leave. More than 4,000 people visit annually. It has a community building, a blacksmith shop, a sugar shack, a compost facility, an ox hovel, a pig stye, swimming holes, mountain biking trails, and more. There are tons of gardens and much of the landscape is edible. Josh strives to grow and produce as much food on-site as possible. He has a huge root cellar that's got at least 5 or 6 pig legs hanging from the ceiling right now - prosciutto being cured.

His basement is filled with endless quantities of pickled vegetables, canned fruits and jams and dozens upon dozens of different herbs. D Acres is quite a place. You should see it. Josh would love to show you around. 

Josh lives on D Acres in Dorchester. He's been the Director there since its beginning. He only leaves the farm once or twice a week. He doesn't watch much TV, but D Acres does have a movie/pizza night once a month. Josh is 47.

Favorite fruit: elderberries

Thing he wants you to know about Dorchester: don't overlook it; it's phenomenal

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