Facets: Meet Gayann. She met Usain Bolt when she was training in Jamaica.

Meet Gayann. She met Usain Bolt when she was training in Jamaica.  

Gayann was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica. She grew up in the countryside of Maroon Town with her 9 brothers and sisters. She attended a small church school. There were only 6 students in her grade. When she was growing up, Gayann loved to compose music, play soccer and run track and field. The training for track and field was really, really hard. Her coach made her run up mountains. The really gifted high school track athletes attended meets and competed in Kingston. Gayann met Usain Bolt at a track meet in Kingston. He was a celebrity in Jamaica - everyone knew who he was. But celebrities in Jamaica are not like celebrities in the U.S. You could actually meet him and talk to him. He was nice.

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When Gayann was 18, her father asked her if she wanted to come to the U.S. with him. So she moved to Newport with him and enrolled in Newport High School. It was hard adjusting to the cold and to the academic work and to the people. But she studied hard and graduated. Her first job was working at Price Chopper in West Lebanon. She also worked at K-Mart. Then she became a Licensed Nurse Assistant and worked in county homes, nursing homes and in private homes. She helped her father at his restaurant in Claremont and she helped him open a Caribbean restaurant in New London. She liked working in restaurants so she decided to open her own.

Gayann lives in Claremont with her 3-year old daughter. She recently opened a Caribbean restaurant in Hanover. Gayann is 26.

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