Don't miss the chance to have your treasure appraised!

Don't miss your chance to have that thing-you-suspect-might-be-worth-something appraised for free on Wednesday on Plainfield. Sometimes people learn they have something really valuable, sometimes they're disappointed because they learn they don't, and sometimes they're surprised because something unexpected happens.

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True story: Auction house staff went on a house call to look at an antique chest that its owner wanted appraised. She was disappointed to learn that it wasn't worth nearly what she thought. However, upon examining the chest the auctioneer had found what appeared to be an old photo in the chest. He told the woman that the photo might actually be worth something given the image it depicted. It turned out to be a daguerrotype (an early photograph produced on a silver or a silver-covered copper plate) of an 1845 view of San Francisco. What was so special about that? The great fire of San Francisco in 1851 destroyed as much as 3/4's of the City, and photos of what it looked like before are quite sought after. At auction the daguerrotype sold for $44,000.

Don't miss the free Appraisal Day and Open House at the William A. Smith Auction gallery in Plainfield tomorrow. Appraisals will be available by experts in antiques, fine art, silver, jewelry, coins, Asian works, books/ephemera, photos, etc. There will be a brief workshop at noon to teach attendees what to expect at auctions. Plus get a preview of the Memorial Day auction event, the biggest auction of the year.

When: Wednesday, April 18, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Where: Smith's Gallery, 1064 Route 12A, Plainfield, NH


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