Lula Wiles return to the Feast and Field Stage in October 2018. Photo by Seth Butler

Announcing BarnArts Music Series at Feast and Field

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Chloe Powell

 I love my job booking the BarnArts Music Series at Feast and Field. It's a magical outdoor venue on a working farm where 4 small family farms share a lease, and they're celebrating 5 years on the site this year. (Read about what's happening at Feast and Field) 

Heartwood Farm's gardens at Feast and Field Market. photo by Chloe Powell.

Each week, a concert series presented by BarnArts, along with delicious food grown by the farmers draw visitors to the farm. Not only is it a treat for the guests to spend time in an inspiring outdoor setting, but it is a treat for bands to play for our community, and word has spread among visitors and musicians that this is the place for live music.

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Curating the music series is a real privilege. I love people's reaction when they particularly dig a band I've brought.  "How did you find these guys/gals?" they ask, as if I have some special talent for finding talent.  I may, but really, it's so easy. Not only do we have some of the most talented musicians hiding in the nooks and crannies of these nearby hills, in the midst of summer festival season, some of the finest musicians from across the country and around the world are passing through New England, happy to stop in an idyllic Vermont town to play on a farm for a night. 

Finding talent is not the hard part. Harder than saying yes to a group I'm excited about, is saying no to a group I'm excited about. Now that I've become a music conference regular, there are even more artists to say no to. This past fall took me to Poland, New York and Kansas City for music industry conferences, where I connected with countless amazing artists eager for gigs. For as many talented artists that I can invite to the stage, I have to turn down even more. That's the hard part. 

This year, in booking, I sought to open the stage up to new acts who haven't yet had a chance to perform. This meant not repeating any acts that I booked last year. I made an exception for Lula Wiles because they got a super rainy night. (Come this year and you'll see why I booked them again!) I sought to present a variety of genres, and a balance of local and touring acts. I also sought to balance the genders and present a more even roster. So here it is...

Cue the drummers......  

 BarnArts Music on the Farm Concert Series at Feast and Field:

May 31:                  Justin and Chloe and friends*, VT roots

                              *Soft Opening night, not yet a full farmers market with CSA. 

June 7:                  Spencer Lewis and Friends, folk

June 14:                 Barika, Afro-beat 

June 21:                 Atlas Key, folk/dance/electronica

June 28:                Dana and Susan Robinson, folk/roots

July 5:                   Mokoomba, Zimbabwean Afro-beat

July 12:                  Danza-del-Fuego, Romani inspired world music

July 19:                  Fu’chunk, funk

July 26:                 Jes Raymond & The Blackberry Bushesacoustic Americana

August 2:              Rebecca Levi and friends, folk of the Americas

August 9:              Afro Yaqui Music Collective, jazz fusion

August 16:             Patti Casey & the Wicked Fine Players, folk

August 23:            Break Maids, folk/rock

August 30:            Night Tree,  new acoustic

September 6:        Oliver The Crow, folk

September 13:       The Party Crashers, dance/rock

September 20:       Jeremiah McLane Owen Marshall and Corey DiMaurio, Celtic trad

September 27:       Chaque Fois,  Cajun

October 4:                Lula Wiles, folk/roots

October 11:               Kafari & Jake Hoffman, Old-time Country and blues

October 18:              Open Mic/Closing Celebration

We are so lucky to have a space where many generations come together each week on a working farm to experience some of the finest musicians in the world and eat delicious food grown on the land. This can start to feel normal and be something we take for granted, but when I tell the story of our events to others, I am reminded that this is really something special to cultivate and preserve.

We rely on our community to give generously each week when we pass the hat (really it's a maple sap bucket) but we couldn't pull this off without local sponsors. If you are in a position to support as a business sponsor of private sponsor, please reach out to for more info.

Betsayda Machado's Parranda performs around the campfire last season. Photo by Seth Butler

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