What a cool place to be in

Norwich Ice Skating Rink

Sure is a cool place to set up and take down and just plain hang out

The Norwich Ice Rink is a huge volunteer operation and I was a little curious as to who is responsible for making it all happen. I decided to take a stroll over to the rink on the day that it was being dismantled and spoke with the crew from the Norwich DPW and was then introduced to Kristen Close.

I mentioned to Kristen that the average person doesn't really see all the effort that goes into an event like this. I also said it would be nice to do a story and thank all those that make it possible. I was about to take some photo's of the Take-down and clean-up, however Kristen had already done so. I asked if she could send me some photo's  and the list of names of all that help out. I also reached out to Jill Kearney who supplied me with some photo's of the Ice Skating party.  Photo credit belongs to Kristen Close and Jill Kearney.

The people that make this happen are as follows:

Kristen Close for her Leadership of this group of volunteers
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Andy Hodgdon  and his Building and grounds DPW Crew
Matt Swett and the Fire Department
The Prudential Water District help out tremendously by filling the rink using fire department hoses
 Bill Hammond and the Marion Cross School for their support of the rink on the Green.
The hosers crew for 2017/2018 are:
Kristen and Stuart Close
Claudine Louis 
Rob Nahabedian
Susie Stevens
Vince Watts
Bill Miles
Ryan Gardner
Jackton Downard
Bram Litvinoff
Jeff Swenson
Bob Burnham
John Starosta

I am sure I am leaving someone out so please congratulations and thank you, if you have helped and I don't know about it.

                                Enjoy the photos

Setting up the frame

Completing the Set up and the big fill

Is it soup Yet ?   Letting Mother Nature do it's Job 

And this is why the Volunteers do all this work

Ice Skating Party

And the Take down begins Calling in the Big Guys for help

Neil Rich,Mike Koloski and Cotlon Grant holding the chain for Big Yellow

Big Yellow helping with folding of Skating Ring Base

This really makes it seem so easy

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