Why is Woodstock So Cute?

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The Secret to Woodstock's Allure

It’s like strolling through the set of a movie, without all the crew. Woodstock...  No, not where the music festival happened, but one of the other 22 in the US. Woodstock, Vermont!

Why is this town voted cutest and prettiest year after year?  This town is known for historic covered bridges, the city-like storefronts, the tree-lined sidewalks, and the central park called, “The Green”, a public space where farmers, artisans, and musicians often gather on Wednesdays; but there is something else that keeps people in awe of this small town in New England.  Perhaps it is the view of Mount Tom, home to the first National Park, or any of the other Green Mountains the state is home to.  The truth about the secret to the town’s aesthetic appeal which makes it, “Oh so memorable”, we can thank the Rockefeller Family for; buried power lines.  Yes!  Folks who have visited Woodstock are shaking their heads in agreement or in disbelief that they didn't realize while here.

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The Rockefellers were known for their interest in preserving the beautiful landscape of Vermont. Lawrence and Mary Rockefeller decided that buried utility lines would protect what the town zoning and planning department still refers to as the “Scenic Ridge Line”. Although there are disadvantages to buried telephone lines, some folks claim this is cause for the potholes in town, you may want to Slow Down! This town is beautiful and there is a lot you could miss!

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