Callicles - 10 Years in the Making

Callicles: A ceramic installation 10 years in the making

Over ten years ago ArtisTree Ceramics Director Fiona Davis began creating her callicle-inspired ceramic sculpture installation. Callicles are hard calcium-rich exoskeletons that grow around corals. These sculptures have, over time, waited with a quiet and patient presence on the sidelines whenever other facets of the artist's life have taken priority. This emergent and evolving installation will be completed and available for viewing by May 18. The public is invited to stop by and see the finished sculptures.

Waiting for the kiln...

Just one of the many pieces from the installation

Fiona grew up in in many parts of Great Britain and attended Chiltern NTC, in Berkshire, majoring in early childhood development. After several years of living and working in London, she and her husband moved to Boston and then settled in Vermont in 1988.

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Always a maker, she had the opportunity to pursue an apprenticeship with Miranda Thomas, following Miranda from Quechee to a larger studio in Bridgewater, Vt.

Fiona joined ArtisTree in 2012, establishing a small but flourishing clay program.

The ArtisTree Gallery invites you to the first in a series of new exhibits which aim to explore a medium through the work of three artists. The series called TRIO, begins with this inaugural exhibit of ceramics.

Fellow Exhibitors: 
Amanda Ann Palmer: Totems

Deborah Goodwin: Fashioned

Mark your calendar!

Opening Reception: Friday, May 18 | 5:30-7:30pm
Exhibit Date: May 18-June 9


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