Saturday at Bentley’s in Woodstock

Zack Danziger

Zack Danziger takes the Stage!

Zack can play country, Broadway, jazz, pop, and rock all mixed up in one fantastically unbelievable musical piece. He will amaze you with his talent while you shake your head in disbelief at the transitions he creates automatically between numbers. This guy is one of a kind and you MUST see him LIVE! 

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Laurie Marshall with her sweet charm and lilting voice plays straight man (oops....woman) to his slap-stick humor. But don’t be fooled, Zack is a serious musician and is impeccable in his technique. You’ll never know if a show tune will turn classical or if country will turn into Pink Floyd, but whatever he decides to do in the monent will amaze you. Zack is the kind of musician -musicians come to see. 

Be there. Saturday, April 14 from 7-10 pm at Bentley’s in Woodstock. 

(Here’s a hint, the house salad is to die for!)


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