Active Shooter Training held at the new Police/Fire facility

Sgt Jennifer Frank conducting Active Shooter Training

Civilian Response Active Shooter Exercise

On 04/09/2018, the Norwich Police Department hosted a Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) training for 19 employees and volunteers of the Town of Norwich.  The course provided strategies, guidance and a proven plan for surviving an active shooter event. The course was designed to help people understand how their brain reacts to trauma and stress, and to train them to think about their options and exit strategies.

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I had the opportunity to be one of the participants who received this valuable training and feel that it has helped me understand what to do and certainly what not to do if I ever witness an active shooting event. Sgt. Jennifer Frank taught the course and did a great job of keeping it interesting. 

The photos tell the story and were taken by Demo Sofronas and Police Chief Doug Robinson

The actual slide presentation is below the class photos.

Norwich town employees and organizations learning what to do and not do during an active shooter event

A break out session among the groups to determine the action plan

Town Hall employees discussing options

Norwich recreation and town employees in breakout session under the watchful eye of the Police Chief Douglas Robinson

Norwich Public Library , Norwich Recreation employees, and town employees brainstorming

Sgt Jennifer Frank gets the groups to feel at ease as breakout sessions continue

Please take the time to review the slides so that you too will be prepared to react  proactively and know


3 phases of  Disaster Response

Agenda for the training

History of past events

                                                Response time and target availability are key

What can you do to help

Disaster response phases

What is your role as a Professional guardian?

In this case learning how to ADD is a real good thing

Options used in order to ADD correctly

If You have any questions regarding this training please contact Sgt. Jennifer Frank at the Norwich Police Department at

Tel: 802-649-1460 or fax at 802-649-1775

You may also reach her at


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