What Does Your Pooch's Poo Tell You?

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If you have a dog, it's likely you've asked these questions before.

When was the last time the dog pooped?

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Did the dog poop today?

How did it look?

Is that color normal?

Maybe you even brought it up around friends, partners or maybe even worse... at dinner?

But hey - you just care. You worry, and you want to make sure your dog is healthy and happy. To help quell your concerns about your pooch's poo, we asked Dr. Catherine MacLean, a veterinarian at Sugar River Animal Hospital in Grantham, to help us get to the bottom of these frequently asked questions from dog owners like you!  

My dog’s poop usually ranges in size from large to small. Sometimes they are huge, sometimes they are little. He usually poops twice a day so why could it be that they are different sizes?

Just like people/humans the volume of a dog's stool can vary from bowel movement to bowel movement  Also, varying amounts and types of food can also influence volume.

Are there certain ingredients in food that can help or hinder digestion?

It depends. It's about the diet as a whole, not individual ingredients.

What’s a healthy color and consistency for my dog’s poop?

A dog's feces will stay a consistent color if the food is the same every day.  Light brown to dark brown feces is normal. True black feces is a sign of a medical issue.

If a dog’s poop is stringy or in smaller pellets is that a sign of poor digestion?

This also depends. It could be "normal" for that animal. It could also be a sign of a few things. It could be a sign of constipation, a sign of dehydration, or a symptom of an underlying health problem.

My male dog prefers to poop in bushes and against trees. Is this weird?

No. Each and every dog has a personal preference on where they like to go to relieve themselves.


Thanks Dr. MacLean! So, takeaways:

Black colored poo = bad

Feed that pup on a schedule!

Your dog can poop in any bush they want (except for maybe your Grandma's rose bushes).


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