Facets: Meet John. He'll take a jambalaya slice.

John, Team Member at Ziggy's Pizza

Meet John. He'll take a slice of jambalaya.  

John was born in Lebanon. He grew up in several towns in the Upper Valley and went to high school in South Royalton and in Hartford. He graduated from Hartford. John was active in sports and music and took shop class in high school. He particularly enjoyed playing in the Jazz Band. His first job was mowing lawns. He's had all sorts of jobs since then. He's done sheet rocking and painting, and he's spent a lot of time working in the pizza business. He worked at Ramunto's on Miracle Mile for 9 years and has been working at Ziggy's in West Lebanon for 3 years. 

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John has 5 children ranging in age from 5 to almost 12. He loves to take his kids camping, hiking, hunting and fishing. John lives in Windsor and Mount Ascutney is outside his back door. John is 39.

Dream Saturday afternoon: staying at home, maybe hiking, hunting or fishing outside his back door

Favorite pizza topping: Jambalaya

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