Kiln Opening: It Takes a Village

EarthStar Pottery in North Hartland is a community center in every sense of the words. Today I got a peek at the students unloading a newly "cracked" kiln of work. The kiln had been fired the day before and cooled for about 20 hours before the class took turns removing the glazed pieces. Here's another photo diary of the event which begins with a call for all hands on deck...

Jan sets aside her work to help unload

Barbara and Allison clear a table for work to land on

Candice finishes up glazing to make a pathway from the kilnroom to the landing table

We all get a chance to admire the newly opened kiln

Carole considers one of her own "freshies"

I'd say Jan is pleased with her pot

Second layer revealed

Beautiful work handled lovingly

Jan removes the last layer of shelves... reveal the bottom of the kiln

A working studio generates enough work for a kiln to be fired frequently with something for everyone included in the load. The process of unloading takes but a few minutes with everyone's help. All get a chance to see the glazed vessels and noone's back is unduly burdened. This is community making work into Play!

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