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Black Ice and Near-Death on I-91

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Lee Michaelides

In the most recent issue of the The New Yorker, writer John Seabrook describes how he was almost killed when his pick-up truck hit a patch of black ice on I-91 north of Springfield. Two professors from Dartmouth's Thayer School, which has one of the leading ice labs in the world, figure prominently in the article. 

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Professor Erland Schulson details for Seabrook the mechanics of ice down to the molecular level. He says that "melting ice with a thin layer of water on top is as slippery as the natural world gets."

When Seabrook asked if there was a solution to the problem of black ice, Professor, Don Perovich, also participating in the interview responded. 

"To tell you the truth, I try not to be the first person on the road in the morning because you really can't see it."

Click here to read John's Seabrook's " Black Ice, Near-Death, and Transcendence on I-91"

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