Worth Knowing: The Connect Center in Claremont helps connect the community with resources

Director Tim Frisch teaching a class

The Connect Center is a quiet little non-profit organization that does some special things in Claremont. It provides networking space for churches, hosts community events, classes, support groups, and discussion forums, and connects area residents with the various resources and programs offered by local churches and other organizations. Through its various relationships with community organizations, the Connect Center directs people to a food pantry, to support groups and to financial training. Director Tim Frisch says that the mission of the Connect Center is to bring hope and encouragement to individuals in Claremont.

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The Connect Center is located at 1 Pleasant Street in Claremont. Its regular hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00am-2pm  and by appointment. You can reach the Connect Center at 603-372-6554. 

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