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Do you know how easy it is for most Upper Valley residents to compost now? You can have your compost picked up at your curb or you can drop it off at one of three Co-op Food Stores locations. It's so easy that it's almost impossible to justify not composting now. So let us tell you a little bit about how Upper Valley Compost Company is making this happen.

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The Upper Valley Compost Company started as a pilot project designed to test the viability of a curbside compost pickup service in the Upper Valley. The successful pilot led to the launch of a residential Curbside Compost program in August 2017. Subscribers to the curbside program pay $19.99 a month and receive a five-gallon Upper Valley Compost Company bucket for their compost, which is picked up once a week on a designated pickup day. When your compost is picked up, your bucket is replaced with a fresh bucket. Subscribers can also request free deliveries of finished compost. Approximately 200 Upper Valley residents have subscribed to the Curbside Compost program. Curbside service is available to residents of Lebanon, West Lebanon, Hanover, Etna, Lyme, Plainfield, Grantham, Norwich, White River Junction, Wilder and Quechee. If your town isn't on the list, contact Upper Valley Compost Company to find out what it would take to have your town added.

In October 2017, Upper Valley Compost Company  partnered with the Co-op Food Stores in October 2017 to start a Compost Drop-Off program. Participants pay $9.99 per month plus a $5.00 refundable deposit on the five-gallon bucket they receive. Subscribers to the drop-off program can bring their compost into any of the three Upper Valley Co-op locations in Hanover, Lebanon and White River Junction (just not at the Lyme Road location). Drop-off subscribers can exchange their bucket for a clean, empty bucket once a week during normal Co-op business hours. You can sign up online at uppervalleycompost.com, and then head straight to any of the Co-op locations (again, just not the Lyme Road location) to get started!

Note - and this is important - you can compost just about anything with Upper Valley Compost Company. All food scraps can be put in your compost bucket – including meat, dairy, bones, and shellfish shells. No more separating food scraps. 

Now why wouldn't everybody sign up for this? 

Jessica Saturley-Hall, UVCC Co-Owner/Founder with her husband

For more information or to sign up for either the Curbside Compost program or the Compost Drop-off program, see Upper Valley Compost Company's website here.

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