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Metal detecting for fun and profit

I’ve been looking for the perfect hobby that someday would pay for itself and I think I've found it -- metal detecting.

It's an activity enjoyed by many individuals and clubs armed with the latest equipment and metal detecting techniques.

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For my purposes I use the now discontinued Garrett Ace 250 electronic metal detector. It’s proven to be quite an amazing tool after just a few months using it.

Public beaches, lakefronts, swimming holes, and other locations where metal detecting is legal are the perfect spots to find lost money, jewelry, smartphones, even Colonial relics.

This past weekend I tried my luck at the still frozen public beach at Lake Sunapee in Newbury, NH. Although the pickings were slim, it was fun learning how to use the Ace 250.

Standing with my Garrett Ace 250 at Lake Sunapee beach in Newburyport, NH.

I found a penny about four inches buried under the mud.

The day’s find: a dime, a penny, a bobby pin, and a clasp used to hold picnic table cloth in place on windy days.

Each week I hope to share even more pictorial updates as I continue my journey into the exciting world of metal detecting.

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