A Moving Story - Moving to Stay Happy and Healthy

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If we live busy lives, taking care of ourselves often slides to the last thing on our "to-do" list. The repercussions to our emotional and physical health can quickly become detrimental. 

The staff at Kendal at Hanover have taken the opportunity to take care of their minds, bodies and spirit. Staff can attend free bi-weekly meditation sessions and have access to the new onsite fitness center and lap pool. In particular, Environmental Services staff take ten minutes every day to either stretch or perform aerobic exercise. We asked Environmental Services Director JoAnn Coulombe about it:

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1.      Why are ES staff at Kendal at Hanover stretching and exercising before they start work?

A few years ago we had a high level of workers compensation claims related to muscle strains. I created a goal to decrease workers compensation injuries through daily stretching about 3 years ago. 

2.      How has it been received by the staff?

At first it was “change”; after the first couple of weeks, the staff noticed a difference in how flexible they had become. Now staff are doing exercise without being asked. 

3.      What do you see are the benefits of stretching and exercising before work?

Greater flexibility, fewer sick calls, improved teamwork and performance, improved job satisfaction, and fewer injuries due to muscle strains. 

4.      Is participation required or voluntary?

 Participation is always voluntary. 

5.      Anything else you’d like to add?

Staff choose to do this on their own. Some choose to do stretches while others choose to use gym equipment. Overall it makes for a happier, healthy team.


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