Kendal at Hanover awards scholarships to three worthy staff-scholars

Three Kendal at Hanover staff are being recognized for their academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities and outstanding commitment to Kendal at Hanover with the award of Kendal’s scholarships, each of which carries with it an award of $2,500 per year for up to four years.

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The first scholarship is given in memory of Joseph W. Davis, a former Kendal resident. This year’s recipient, Kathryn Jones-McQuillan, is a high school senior and has worked at Kendal since August, 2016. She is a trainer in the Wistar Dining Room and has won awards for both her Spanish and French proficiency. She has been on the honor or high honor roll for her entire high school career.

 The second recipient is receiving the Residents Council Scholarship. This year’s recipient,  Aquene Sausville, is currently a college junior, studying psychology. One of her current professors writes, “She is an excellent student. She is very inquisitive, always wanting to know more than just the basics and to learn how everything fits together. She is the kind of student teachers dream about having.”

 The third recipient is receiving the Kendal at Hanover Administrative Scholarship. This year’s recipient is Camilla Lettere, a high school senior. She has worked at Kendal since June, 2016. She frequently volunteers at the Upper Valley Haven, helps orient freshmen to her high school and receives honors and high honors in school.

 Congratulations to all three recipients!


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