Facets: Meet Jessica. She's not afraid to milk a goat.

Jessica, Owner of Upper Valley Composting Company

Meet Jessica. She's not afraid to milk a goat.  

Jessica was born in Concord, New Hampshire and grew up in Derryfield. She got involved in all sorts of activities in high school - she did theatre and started a conservation club. When she was 14, she got her first job selling oriental rugs at David Levine in Concord. She loved that job, especially the part that involved sitting on a pile of rugs listening to Miles Davis and reading books. But she also liked the meeting people part.

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She's had lots of jobs since then. She's sold ice cream, milked goats, made cider, and done a lot of sales, marketing and public relations work. Among other things. With the exception of her first job, everything she has done somehow involves marketing, sales, food and agriculture. 

Jessica lived in Hanover when she was in college. Later, she went to Ithaca to study food and agriculture. But she moved back to the Upper Valley to Union Village in 2013 to work in business development at King Arthur Flour. She worked at Vital Communities and at Keurig Green Mountain. But what she really wanted to do was start a business of her own. After doing their homework and running a pilot program, she and her husband launched Upper Valley Composting Company in August 2017. The company offers Upper Valley residents the ability to drop off or have curbside pickup of compost. It's growing quickly.

Jessica and her husband live in Lebanon. She likes to work across the street at Lucky's. Jessica is 32.

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