Listers Seeks Applicants For Contract Assessor Position

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The Norwich Listers started the search for a Contract Assessor this week. A request for proposal [RFP] was sent to 16 assessing firms from the approved list maintained by the Vermont Department of Taxes and will be advertised on the Vermont League of Cities and Towns website. The deadline to respond is May 4.

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Including in the mailing is the Town’s current Contract Assessor NEMC, which opted out of the last year of its contract, as permitted by the agreement. The relationship between NEMC and the current Board of Listers was rocky at times because the Board wanted more control over the Contract Assessor. See: Contract Assessor Wants Out and UPDATE: Contract Assessor and Listers Agree.   Though the issue struck some as a turf war, part of the problem was the terms of the contract that had the Contract Assessor reporting to the Town Manager instead of the Listers. The current Town Manager sees the Listers as the proper supervisor of the Contract Assessor  

The RFP calls a more “collaborative effort” said Listers Chair Cheryl Lindberg in an email. “The Board of Listers look forward to moving on and getting the new structure in place on July 1, 2018 with a new contract.” 


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