A kitchen never looked so good!


Is this a dream??

This is the kitchen I've always wanted:  white with gorgeous granite tops, lovely hardwood floors and a fabulous gas cooktop!!

It's not exactly what I have right now... BUT... I strive to create the same feeling as this amazing kitchen with a few simple ideas:

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    *  CLEAN AND NEAT:  Notice the counters are not covered with STUFF.  It's a simple and pleasing look.

    *  BRIGHT:  Hanging lanterns, recessed lights and natural light make a difference;  it's an inviting space         for cook and company alike.

    *  FLOWERS & PLANTS:  Two plants at the window draw the eye to outside;  a lovely place to look         when doing dishes and tidying up.  I always try to have fresh flowers in my kitchen because I spend          so much time there;  it's really uplifting, especially in dark winter months.

Until I do get that all white kitchen, I do my best to create the same effect!


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