Sugarer Harnesses Steam

Submitted 7 months ago

From the Herald Archives

From The Herald archive: Twenty-five years ago Vermonters were well into sugaring season. In The Herald of Randolph’s March 25, 1993 issue, reporter Jill Jesso wrote about a most unique rig—a homemade contraption that used steam to boil sap:

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Tunbridge’s Tim Brownell likes to brag that he has the smallest steam-operated sugar system in Vermont. And it’s likely also to be the only one on wheels.

Brownell said that he has sugared with steam for years, but three years ago he built a steam sugaring system on wheels. “I’m a master plumber and I designed a new system just for fun,” he said.

“What I did was put together a collection of old and very old materials to make the smallest steam-operated sugar system in Vermont,” said Brownell. “I even put it on wheels so I can move it around and store it for the summer.”

Brownell said the system has “lots of unusual features.”

“I even put a steam whistle on it so everyone up the valley knows when the syrup is ready,” he said laughing.


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