Elevator pitch required...need your help Bill Belichick!

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Socially and culturally we live by text messages, Twitter feeds, Face Book posts and Instagram images…using emoji’s excuses us from writing at all! Now, we must learn how to promote ourselves during an interview in less than a minute. Yes, elevator pitches!  One has a mere 30 to 60 seconds, the time it takes to ride in an elevator, to be persuasive, note your skills while understanding your audience. Fortunately, you don’t need to include your entire work history. Phew, so relieved that one does not have to include a lifetime of experience in a nanosecond! No time to blink or swallow as you might miss a critical skill set. New England Patriot’s head coach Bill Belichick probably has time to spare during an elevator pitch. Belichick is the master of sound bites and speaks so succinctly.

 I sure love to paint as it is my work and passion so every potential art opportunity is of great importance to me. I had the occasion to speak before an art guild group last evening and suddenly found myself anxious with my brain whirling while stumbling over my words when put on the spot to sell myself and more specifically, my art. I had just mere moments to sell this group of jurors on my worthiness to be an accepted guild member. I sure appeared to be an abstract expressionist while speaking when I should have been soundly a representational artist.  What would Picasso’s elevator pitch sound like? He probably would have had a 30 to 60 second credit as he just had to be Picasso…done!

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 I best express myself through painted images and writing. Speaking in an interview is pretty traumatic for me. I am not comfortable at all promoting myself. I exhibit a fair amount of nerves, often stuttering and generally ill at ease. Many artists seek a fairly reclusive life so expecting a 30 second summary from someone who is totally out of their element is certainly a challenge! It is not like I have hours and hours of self promoting to profess but 30 to 60 seconds is not even enough time for me to complete a full set of hand wringing! Hoping still that I hit the right note and my work speaks for itself…

 I wish we could keep politicians to 30 to 60 seconds!


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