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Karen Gray CH, RN

Imagine that you have a pressure cooker inside you that holds all of your emotions. Each time you stuff one of those emotions and bury it inside you, each time you stop yourself from experiencing an emotion, it adds a little more pressure. Not only that, but every time you try to push back another emotional state it has the same effect of someone jumping onto your back and talking in your ear. It weighs you down and makes it harder to move, harder to concentrate, and harder to get through the day.

Eventually, you will explode from the pressure, or crumble under the weight.

But when we are able to take a few moments and acknowledge those emotional states in a safe place, they stop fighting for our attention, and we can let them flow by us like water in a stream. There are healthy ways to process through those emotions, without creating an even more stressful interruption in your already busy routine. Imagery, hypnosis, Stillness, and meditation are all effective ways to create that safe place for moving through your emotional states.

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Karen Gray CH, RN

Karen Gray is a Certified Hypnotist, a Registered Nurse,  and the owner of Green Mountain Hypnosis in Lebanon, New Hampshire. For more information on how you can use hypnosis to change your life, you can visit, or contact Karen at, or (802) 566-0464.

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