Raptors In Focus: Bird Photography Workshop
Ended May 06
Sarah Sincerbeaux
May 06
5:00 PM — 7:00 PM
Price:  $47 General Public, $40 VINS Member

Join local photojournalist, Rob Strong, for an exclusive photo shoot with four of our resident raptors that will leave you with stunning pictures and great memories. With a focus on capturing movement, our hawk and other raptor models will be flying for the camera, allowing you to get amazing action shots. Designed for the intermediate level photographer, Rob will go over essential techniques to improve your digital or film photography, illustrated with pictures of VINS’ raptors in flight.

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Program Activities

Slide Show in VINS’ Classroom on improving techniques, and then flight and portrait session with four different raptors. Setting and backdrop weather dependent.

Details for Registrant
Participants should bring a camera and plenty of storage (beit digital or film). Any special requests for topics to be covered can be addressed to rob.strong@gmail.com.

Registration Deadline

April 30, 2018
Pre-registration is required.

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