What is the Grange all about.

What is the Grange all about ?

Monthly Grange Breakfast held Last Saturday of every month (check out this one)

Norwich Grange Hall Poster Board

A sample of some of our Community Service projects

Recently in the Valley News there was a story about Community and the Grange. There is a documentary that will show how the grange has survived for 150 years. The Norwich Grange hopes to acquire this documentary to show at a later date.  If you want more information please go to historicnewengland.org or vermontfolklifecenter.org. You can also email Charlotte Barret at cbarrett@historicnewengland.org

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My Story is about the monthly grange breakfast that is served to Upper Valley residents. It is a story of people working together to make it happen.

It's a sure bet that on the last Saturday morning of every month, The Norwich Grange Hall will be a Buzz.

Grange members are busy bees at work in the kitchen preparing delicious breakfast entries of scrambled eggs with sizzling bacon and sausages, buttermilk biscuits , and perfect Pancakes with maple syrup.

The monthly breakfast was started 11 years ago and it used to be a Baked Bean and Ham Supper which was started by Sheila Conrad and Hazel and Gerry Hickson.

It takes a lot of team work to put this breakfast together and the membership makes it happen. Please consider joining the Grange and look for the contact info at the bottom of this story just below the last picture.  They will be happy to answer all your questions.

The serving station is ready to go

The coffee is brewing and water for tea is boiling hot

The hall is ready to receive the guests/patrons

Lester Gibbs and Lois Allen, jack of all trades

Annah Dupuis is making the biscuits and Hiram Allen checking the grill

Bob Parker cracking the eggs and getting ready to scramble

Bill Chidsley flipping pancakes and Lois Allen making bacon and sausages

Hiram Allen washing dishes after relieving Jane Henry (not in photo)

Lester Gibbs taking in the dough

Sandie Anderson and Reeve Williams checking their coats

The Guilette family has arrived along with Chris Gray and Dan Goulet who are just leaving

She is happy to be here and the others are enjoying their breakfast

4  more happy customers

a good breakfast and a little conversation goes well together

Can you guess which two Norwich residents have been coming to this event for 11 years?

They have paid their money and are about to be rewarded

Such a happy family

The Cordio family visiting the Aarons family came all the way from Andover Massachusetts to try the pancake breakfast

Some liked the biscuits and Gabriel said the pancakes and bacon were really good

Claire liked french toast the best.

Ellen Aaron said that Mel couldn't be here because he was home doing the Norwich Lions club minutes

To become a member of our grange please contact Lester Gibbs at 802-356-0844 or Bob Parker at 802-649-1751

or Anna Dupuis at 802-649-3406

this is a brief history of our grange :

We were founded 144 years ago

In 2000, Lester Gibbs became the 20th State Master

In 2006 , Clyde Berry became the 22nd State Master

Bob Parker is the current Master of the Norwich Grange

Lester Gibbs is Membership Chairperson

Annah Dupuis is the Grange Secretary

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