South Royalton School celebrated Pi Day with activities to help students discover its value. (Provided / Jessica Gordon)

SoRo Students Serve Up Pi

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Alexis Taylor-Young, Herald Correspondent

Math Concept Brings Full-Circle Fun

On Wednesday, March 21, South Royalton School hosted its first ever, full day, Pi Day celebration with the entire student body in grades 6-12 and faculty participating.

Pi Day is March 14 every year, in honor of the first three digits of pi (3.14). While the event was originally scheduled for the actual date of Pi Day, South Royalton had a snow day on that date, causing the celebrations to be postponed.

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Students rotated through various events throughout the day, as they were split randomly into multigrade groupings.

“I enjoyed seeing students of different age groups and social circles interacting and enjoying the activities,” said middle school math teacher, Mindi Wimett.

One group would start in the FACS (Family and Consumer Science) room making “Mini Pi(e)s” with Mrs. Cleary, which involved putting vanilla pudding in a pie crust; and rotate to “Find Digits of Pi”—an activity in which students measured circular lids and caps in order to try to calculate the closest they could to pi.

Each session combined pi (the number and the word) with other classes—for example, Trinity DeSimone, one of the high-school English teachers, led an activity in which students had a limited amount of time to write as many words that started with “pi” as they could think of. During the closing ceremony, one of the highlights of the day was a paper chain designed so that each link represented a digit of pi. The final chain represented the first 3760 digits of pi.

Pi Day was a fun and meaningful event, inspired and initially organized by math teachers Cass Bath and Raina Robins. The other sessions were String Art of Pi with the art department, a PIano Song with the music department, making a Pi- Digit coded bracelet with librarian, Ms. Lucia; a History of Pi Timeline with Ms. Epchook, an Easy as Pi Workout with Mr. Griffin, and Discovering the Digits of Pi with Mrs. Robins.


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