As time goes by

Setting the Clock to the proper time

Someone has to do it

Norwich Congregational Church

I never realized how much effort it takes to reset the clock in a bell tower.

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Yesterday, Dan Goulet, Norwich Congregational Church caretaker, mentioned that he had to adjust the time on the bell tower clock and he invited me along to see for myself.  The journey began by Dan showing me the weight pulley which is housed in a small closet, that is used for the clock. 

Small closet for weight and pulley system

Stairway to the Bell Tower 


We climbed the steps to the tower and then had to maneuver our way

through a crawl space

to reach the top

Adjusting the clock

And the pendulum swings

Up in the tower Dan inspects the bell  

This is a Paul Revere Bell cast in 1817 in Boston, Massachusetts                          

 Click on link to read more about the Bell         


History - the Norwich Congregational Church
1817: A new church was built on the green facing west. The Paul Revere bell was hung in the belfry; it is the earliest in Vermont and the only one cast during Revere's lifetime. The steeple clock, made by Stephen Hasham, was crafted about this time. Hasham was a well-known clock maker from Charlestown, NH. At first, this ...


Marion Cross School as seen from the tower

View of the Norwich Town Hall as seen from the tower

Yet another view of Norwich  (guess where?)

The Sanctuary as seen from above balcony area

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There were no Bat's in the Belfry, only Dan And me

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