Worth Knowing: Spotlight on Cohase Rotary Club

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Worth Knowing

There are lots of nonprofits in the Upper Valley doing lots of things. We think it's worth knowing what the missions of these organizations are, who runs them and who is volunteering their time to help run them.

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The mission of the Cohase Rotary Club (CRS) is to build meaningful friendships and build members up while serving the local community as well as the world at large. Real change can be made with real people interactions. The CRS believes there is value by meeting in person, serving locally through hands-on projects as well as monetary donations and serving internationally with human development projects. If you believe that civic participation is an essential element in the lives of well-rounded business leaders and engaged community members, please consider becoming a candidate for membership in the Cohase Rotary Club and connect with like-minded leaders.

PEOPLE OF ACTION. Build goodwill and peace throughout the world. Visit http://www.cohaserotary.org/ for more information.

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