"Schooner" ©LCM2018

In 2000 we lost a sweet black labrador named Schooner while we were on vacation in Nova Scotia. He had eaten some red-tide-poisoned crabs while playing on the beach and this combined with the epilepsy he had an ongoing struggle with, led to his sudden passing. Needless to say, we were devastated. My uncle (the minster who married Bart and me at the same vacation cottage) helped us through this by performing a little ceremony for Schooner down by the lake. As he finished up, we wept and hugged each other and then a magical thing happened. A flock of Canada geese came out of nowhere and landed on the lake right in front of our little family gathering. They quietly looked right at us and a feeling of peace swept over us.

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Ever since then, each spring the Canada geese fly over our Vermont farm for a few days. You're not going to be believe me when I tell you there is always one that flies alone and seems to make a special detour right over our house and makes enough of a commotion that I hear it and look up to see. Yesterday when I was out walking Devon and Rollie a couple of geese flew over and I felt that familiar sense of peace. I watched them fly over the trees and disappear. Not 5 minutes later, as I got closer to our house, a lone goose flew above me, squawking and making quite a fuss. I looked up and said, "Hey, Schooner. It's good to see you!" and he flew off.

Nature's secrets are amazing.

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