Facets: Alexys, Cashier at Mobil Station, Main Street, Claremont

Meet Alexys. She has a Ball Python.   

Alexys was born in Springfield, Vermont. She started out growing up in Londonderry, Vermont but moved three times before twelfth grade. She's lived in Springfield, Chester and Newport in addition to Londonderry. She worked full-time at Subway during high school from 2013-2017. Since she was working all the time, Alexys didn't have time for extracurricular activities. After Subway, Alexys worked as a housekeeper at Fairfield Inn & Suites in Claremont. The worst part about that job was that people would just trash the rooms and leave gross things all over the place. She was happy to leave her housekeeper uniform behind.

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Alexys started working at the Mobil Station in Claremont in February, 2018. She serves as cashier, coffee maker, shelf and cooler stocker, and whatever else is needed whenever it is needed. The store is busiest at 12 noon and at 3:00 p.m. They sell a lot of beer and lottery tickets. She says the regulars sit in the parking lot scratching their tickets. Occasionally someone will even win $100.

Alexys lives with her boyfriend in Claremont. They have 2 cats and a Ball Python. Alexys is 21.

Place she'd like to visit: Alaska

Favorite holiday (not including Christmas): Halloween

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