Facets: Meet Terry. She used to own a deli in Queens.

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Terry, Vegetaballs Pesto Maker

Meet Terry. She used to own a deli in Queens.   

Terry was born in New York City and grew up in the College Point section of Queens. She went to 13 years of Catholic School at St. Agnes Academy. Her first job was trying to sell aluminum siding by cold calling. She was also a key punch operator at Spiratone, a photographic equipment and retail company in Flushing, New York. Shortly after she was married and when she was pregnant with her first child, she and her husband bought a deli in the College Point section of Queens. She loved what she did - she loved the people and she loved the money. But it was a lot of work. And the work never ended. And the insurance was very expensive. So she sold the deli.

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Her husband had been a U.S. Postal Service employee in Manhattan and he transferred to the White River Junction location in 1988. When he transferred, Terry and the kids moved with him to Charlestown.  The children went to Fall Mountain Regional High School. She worked at Todafrali's Deli in Claremont from 1990-2002. During that time she started making pesto with Darlene Ball in Darlene's garage. They called it the Pesto Pit. She kept working with Darlene until 2016.

Terry and her husband still live in Charelstown. Darlene's company was acquired by Awesome Sauce, LLC in 2017. Wouldn't you know that Terry just couldn't stay away and she's back making pesto again? Terry is 61.

Least favorite month: December, January, February and March (I only asked for  month. not 4)

Something she'd like to do: take up golf

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