Meet Chaco, Who Once Had Tummy Troubles

Submitted 8 months ago

My name is Chaco. Husse asked me to try their dog food and here's how it went.  

First, a little about me! I love long walks, long snoozes and humans that let me lick their face. (Don’t worry - my parents brush my pearly whites on the reg.) 

When I was first adopted I had tummy troubles like no other. My parents tried me on gluten free food, then grain-free, then wet food and sometimes even would cook hamburger and sweet potato for me. 

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Although I LOVE all food, that doesn’t mean my body does, which is why my parents were kinda nervous about trying another food. However, when I tried Husse’s Prima Plus food, I couldn’t get enough. My Mom started giving it to be as a treat when we would return from walkies. I made Mom walk me 8 times that first day… just so I could get the goods. I know, I’m pretty smart. The best part? No tummy troubles and it was MAJOR yum. 

Oh and here's me trying it for the first time... so you know I'm not lying! 


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