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As I sketched out this image in my little book, I decided to try doing a quick painting of it. It felt weird to be painting on heavy paper instead of canvas, but I found that if I kept it thick enough it was OK. I like the positioning of her legs here. I feel like you can sense that she’s turning towards you. Fun!

On Saturday Bart, my neighbors, Rika and Tom and I went to see “Loving Vincent”. What a wonderful movie! I need to go back and see it again and pay more attention to the story. I was just mesmerized by the images and the way they put the movie together. Really amazing!
VanGogh’s looseness inspired me to paint something a little freer today. Devon was a willing model. I had fun playing with splashes of this and that here and there. Lesson learned- lighten up. Breathe. Let go
VanGogh also did hundreds upon hundreds of drawings. He understood how important drawing is, and teaching the eye to see shapes, light and mood.
This little sketch is from a photo I took last summer. It had lots of shadows and highlights so I decided to use it as a little exercise this morning. I feel like I lost the line a bit, but I’m fairly pleased with the shading. I’ll just keep plugging along…

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Three pretty different things here. I'd be curious to know which you like best.
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