How To Step Up Your Dog Mom Game

Imagine this. 

It’s a beautiful, sunny, Wednesday afternoon. You got the rest of the afternoon off from work. You have nothing on your plate but one thing: buy your pup some more dog food. You have your furry friend in the back of the car, there’s no traffic. You sail into the parking lot of the pet store and there’s not a car in the lot. You’ve got the WHOLE place to yourself.

You roam the aisles and let that adorable fur ball with the eyes that break your heart (in the best way) sniff and sniff and pick the perfect bone. You grab a bag of their favorite dog food and check out. The store clerk carries the bag out to your car and loads it in for you.

Awww wasn’t that nice? Don’t you feel relaxed?

Yeah, that’s not what picking the dog food is like… at least 99% of the time.

So, here’s why you forgot to pick up the dog food.

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1. Your boss asks you to work late, which means by the time you finish work the pet store is closed.

2. You told your friend last week they could borrow your car… so now you’re alone at home making your dog ground beef… which was going to be your dinner tonight. But have you seen that adorable face? THEY DESERVE EVERYTHING.

3. You head out to get the dog food and then hit that summertime construction. At rush hour. On a Friday.

4. Snowstorm. Ice storm. Freak hail storm. It’s New England, what’s new?

5. You’re friend just got dumped. So they’re at your door. They need a beer. Yep, there’s no leaving now.

Okay, maybe these ALL haven’t happened to you, but life happens. We’re all busy and that doesn’t mean the pup should suffer.

Did you know if you live in Vermont or New Hampshire you can get pet food delivered right to your door? Easy as that. Visit the local Husse website to learn more! 

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