PHOTOS: Drunk passenger ejected from Amtrak train in White River Junction

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Police took man into protective custody due to his level of intoxication

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - A passenger who'd passed out in the center aisle of the southbound Amtrak Vermonter was taken off the train Monday morning by Hartford police officers when it made its regular station stop at the depot in White River Junction.

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    The man, a Barre resident in his late 30s, had difficulty standing and appeared confused as he explained to the officers that he was on his way to the Brattleboro Retreat for "alcohol detox."

    "I had a drink when I got on the train," the man acknowledged to the officers, before adding, "Listen can I just tell you something?  I'm not your enemy I just don't know what is going on.  I was sleeping."

    "I'm not your enemy either," one of the officers replied, before explaining again, "You got kicked off the train because you were passed out."

    The man was placed in protective custody after he took a breath test and blew a 0.281 percent blood alcohol level, a number which would be three-and-a-half times Vermont's legal limit for driving.  After being briefly taken up to the police station, he was transferred to Mount Ascutney Hospital.

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