Meet Phyllis Muzeroll, Claremont's digital newshound

Yep, that's Citizen of the Year Phyllis Muzeroll, second from the right.

DailyUV blogger Phyllis Muzeroll knows Claremont as only a native can -- but fortunately for the rest of us, she doesn't keep all that knowledge to herself. Her digital newspaper, the e-Ticker News, is a go-to weekly resource for local information in and around Claremont. And now you can find her hottest stories on DailyUV too!

You grew up in Claremont! Tell us a favorite memory from your childhood in the city.

My dad worked for Joy Manufacturing and every year the company treated the children of employees to a Christmas party.  We went to the Latchis Theater on Pleasant St. where we were gifted with free movies and presents. They were amazing gifts, too: Board games, magic kits, even transistor radios one year.  It was an exciting and fun time; I remember going with my best friend, as her dad worked at Joy, too. 

When did you start e-Ticker News, and why?

I started the e-Ticker News in 2009.  Previously, I had had a writing business and served as press secretary for the City of Claremont.  Those opportunities ended and I needed a new source of income.  I was also growing increasingly ill from several chronic conditions that continue to leave me in a state of serious daily fatigue, so I needed to find something that I could do from home.  I was also taking care of my elderly dad at the time, so going to work outside the home was no longer an option. Writing and editing were the areas I knew best, having worked in the field for 30+ years, and I felt that Claremont needed a news service that focused on small-town, local news again.  Going the digital route made the most sense.

Because of e-Ticker News, you were named Claremont’s 2014 Citizen of the Year. Congrats! What is life like as a celebrity?

Thank you!  No one was more surprised than I was (said laughing).  I had no idea that my paper had had the positive impact on the community that it apparently has. Receiving Citizen of the Year is an honor that I shall always treasure.  I never expected it to become a “real” business, haha, so it has been quite the surprise.  I’ve always been a rather quiet and introverted person and now it seems like everyone in town knows me!  People were very kind in reaching out to me when my dad passed away in 2014 and when I’ve had to take a few weeks off due to medical issues. The support has been amazing and really, I think I’ve grown as a person and have become more outgoing. 

What is the most exciting change you’ve seen in the city since you started publishing e-Ticker News?

A new push to grow Claremont and reform it. It’s not a secret that the community has struggled since the decline of the manufacturing industry, but things are beginning to grow.  We have a community center that is the envy of many places, job opportunities are robust—in fact, there are 100s of jobs waiting to be filled by a skilled labor force–affordable housing, and the community is starting to get positive feedback from so many other parts of the state now. We are being noticed for a lot of good things. Claremont is open for business.

What’s the best-kept secret you can tell us about Claremont … without spoiling it?

We have a gem of a public parks system, consisting of eight parks/recreation areas, each unique and different in appearance and amenities from all the others, such as skiing and tubing at Arrowhead; hiking and bike trails at Moody; athletic fields and a track at Monadnock; major events at the Visitors Center Green and more. 

You're curious who else is in the photo, aren't you! Here we go, from left: Katlyn Proctor (then editor at the Eagle Times, who has since left the area), Young Professional of the Year; Carmine Macchiagodena, on behalf of Structal-Bridges, Business of the Year; Phyllis; and Mark Brislin, director of the Claremont Parks and Rec Dept., Non Profit of the Year.


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