Joan Jaffe in her special place -- Scotland -- eating lunch in the rain.

Blogger Joan Jaffe: Scottish in a Previous Life?

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DailyUV blogger Joan Jaffe has never been one to simply stay at home. Which is great for the readers of her blog, Turnpike Journal, because they get to live through her adventures -- most recently to an island off the coast of Scotland called Canna, which is home to all of nine residents.

Turnpike Journal reveals your taste for travel and adventure. How and when did those traits arise in you?  

I first put on a backpack when I was 17.  I flew to Switzerland because my favorite childhood book was “Heidi”.  I never felt at home in the United States and I think I was looking for home.  My second trip was to the British Isles and when I hit Scotland, I knew I had found my place.

What’s a favorite memory from your earliest travels? Maybe something you’re very glad you tried, but would never do again …

There’s nothing that I’ve done that I wouldn’t do again. Certain experiences have been difficult. I’m a nurse and I nursed in refugee camps on the Thai/Cambodian border in 1979-80.  But riding in a car in Bangkok (judged that year by the World Health Organization to be the worst driving area in the world) was probably more dangerous than nursing under gunfire.  I kept my eyes closed whenever I rode in a car.

What is it about Scotland that resonates so deeply with you?

I’m convinced I lived some very happy former lives in Scotland.  I can almost remember them. Otherwise the whole Scottish thing makes no sense:  I come from mid European Jewish stock.

What’s the single most important thing in making the most of a travel experience?

Good company to hike and drink with!

If someone you met on the tiny, remote, rabbit-filled island of Canna came to visit you, what about the Upper Valley would you most want them to experience?

Cross country skiing at The Greens, swimming in the Connecticut and White Rivers, biking on back roads, hiking on woods trails.


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