The Fundamental Importance of Strong Relationships within Schools

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Brad Choyt
There are so many qualities that schools need to foster in order to be successful. But if I had to pick only one, I would choose cultivating strong relationships within the school community and creating the necessary space for those relationships to flourish. The reason for this choice is simple: the health and happiness of students, teachers, and staff all depend on how we interact and learn from one another. Strong relationships based on honesty, respect, and other core virtues make everything else possible.

There are all kinds of relationships within a school community that involve faculty, staff, students, parents and others, but for the purposes of today's post, I would like to focus on the importance of fostering strong relationships between students and teachers. This may happen in a variety of contexts such as during classes and clubs, on the athletic fields, and through advisory programs. But regardless of the context or venue, adults have the opportunity to do far more than implement a curriculum or teach a particular skill. Within the boundaries of a strong and healthy relationship, teachers can also become mentors, lead by example, and provide important insights into key decisions by offering sound advice at the right moments. And when those relationships develop a foundation of trust, teachers may also help students find a higher sense of purpose to pursue life’s goals in meaningful ways. Healthy relationships within schools help students discover what’s important while better understanding the consequences of their decisions both in school and throughout their lives.

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Of course, adults in other environments offer similar guidance and shape a child’s outlook in profound ways. But there are times when teachers are uniquely positioned to offer valuable perspectives and encourage learning at just the right moment. It often does take a village to raise a child, and when a school fosters healthy, strong relationships between teachers and students, many of the other priorities fall into place.


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